Sunbeam - Hydramatic 

$10,500 +GST

Images are of press prior to refurbishment, See bellow for description of refurbishment. 

All hydraulic, mechanical and electronic componentry has been fully refurbished, serviced and tested by our woolpress specialists:

- Re-sealed cylinders and valves

- Drained and flushed hydraulic tank

- Replaced hydraulic oil filters

- New hydraulic oil

- Checked hydraulic pumps (repaired/replaced if required)

- Checked electric motor, bearings and capacitors (replaced/repaired if required)

- Sandblasted and repainted in original colours including stickers

- Safety bars fitted 

- Scales re-calibrated

- Tested with a 204kg bale of crossbred wool

- Additional on/off switch added to increase life of 240/480 volt selector


*Photo displayed is of same model press previously refurbished. Actual press begins refurbishment upon confirmation of sale. 

** Press will be in 'as new' condition fully serviced, recondition and tested - ready to work.

*** 24 Month Warranty